CNC Swiss Machining Services

Huili Company offers affordable and reliable CNC Swiss machining services. It has many capabilities, including custom metal stamping, wire EDM cutting, and CNC turning services.

Additionally, HUILICNC.COM (Huili) also uses different materials to manufacture parts. Some of the materials available include stainless steel, copper, aluminum, nickel, and more. They can even work with custom steel materials to meet your exact specifications.

This article will discuss the different CNC Swiss machining services they offer, some of their materials, and specialties.

Benefits of Working with Huili CNC Swiss Machining Services

  • Fast and Efficient Production. The company offers both small and large production batches to meet the unique needs of every customer. It maintains a huge inventory of parts to make your products as quickly as possible without sacrificing quality. If you need any machining services immediately, this company will help.
  • Custom Production for Unique Parts. You can work with Huili to produce custom parts that meet your exact specifications. This includes working with different materials, production sizes, and more. Their skilled technicians will perform any changes you may need.
  • Precise Generation of Complex Parts. The company uses advanced machines to ensure that all parts are made with precision. This includes highly complex geometries that would otherwise be impossible using other machinery. They will meet your needs, no matter how intricate they may be.
  • Reduced Finishing Processes. The machine uses live tooling and sub-spindles for minimal finishing operations. This reduces your costs, increases throughput, and minimizes the production time for each part.
  • Price Efficient Operations. Huili offers competitive prices so that you can produce your parts without breaking the bank. They will work with you to ensure you get exactly what you need at an affordable rate.

Capabilities of Huili Swiss CNC Turning Services Explained

The company has expertise in a variety of machining processes, including several types of CNC turning operations. As such, you can be sure that they can work with any part you have. Here is a brief description of the CNC turning services they offer:

  • The company can work with stainless steel (420,416,316,304, and 303), aluminum (6061 and 6063, among others), brass, carbon steel (1018 and 1045, among others), copper, plastics, titanium, and more.
  • Huili is capable of partnering with different industries. It can manufacture parts for several automotive, marine, medical, and industrial fields. It also works with watch industries, defense & military, computer fittings, surgical tools, and optimal measurement equipment.
  • The company offers several CNC turning services, including live tooling, 5-axis machining, vertical machining, and direct drive technology.
  • Specialty Services. Huili can provide a wide range of services for you with its specialties. This includes rotary and caliper tables, push-pull technology for automation, and electrical discharge machines (EDM).

Overall, Huili CNC Swiss machining services are versatile and efficient. If you need any CNC turning services, the company has the capabilities to meet your unique demands.

What is Swiss Machining? - Definition & Benefits

Swiss machining, also known as Swiss turning, is a process that involves the use of specialized Swiss-type lathes to machine different parts.

The parts are rotated in a radial motion using a steady feed rate while simultaneously being turned in the spindle. The machines can be programmed to machine precise parts time and again, ensuring the highest possible standard for each component.

Swiss CNC machining is ideal for producing high-quality parts that meet even the tightest requirements. It is also a common technique used for low-volume production due to the high degree of precision involved.

Additionally, the Swiss machining technique allows multiple operations to be executed simultaneously. As such, it can be used to produce several parts in a single setup.

Swiss machining is mainly used for producing parts with precise dimensions and little deviation from the original design. It is fast and reliable.

What is a Swiss Machine?

Swiss Machine was developed in the 19th century in Switzerland. Its initial function was to facilitate the mass production of micro screws. It boasts higher precision and accuracy than the traditional type.

Unlike traditional lathes, the Swiss lathe can turn and move along the Z-axis, allowing it to perform multiple actions simultaneously. The bar stock is fed into the machine through a vise that is attached to a screw. It can travel in horizontal X and Y directions and vertically along the Z-axis.

The Swiss lathe uses a unique guide bushing with multiple contact points, allowing it to register even the smallest of movements, thus producing precise parts time and again.

How a Swiss Machine Works

Are you wondering how a Swiss lather works? A Swiss lathe is a machine tool that can perform several machining operations simultaneously. It is commonly used for high-volume production or when you need to produce multiple parts in one setup.

Swiss machines are available in different sizes and types, including horizontal and vertical configurations. They also vary in terms of the number of axes and the spindle configurations.

The Swiss machines can be used to perform several machining operations such as grooving, drilling, facing, shaping, and turning with ease. The specific type of Swiss lathe you choose will depend on your needs and the size and type of part you want to produce.

The Swiss turning process is ideal for high-quality components with little deviation from the original design. It can also produce parts in a short period, making it an ideal option for low-volume production or when you need to make several identical parts at once.

Although they tend to be more expensive than other types of machine tools, Swiss machines offer high-efficiency machining processes that are versatile and reliable.

Benefits of Swiss Machining

Swiss machining is a more advanced process than traditional turning, milling, grinding, drilling, and threading. With Swiss-type lathes, you can perform several operations quickly and easily. You can even produce multiple parts simultaneously. Here are some of its other benefits:

  • Ideal for Small Parts. The machines are perfect for small components and delicate parts. Swiss machines allow high-speed machining, which means you can produce a lot of parts very quickly.
  • High Precision. The machine boasts a high degree of accuracy and precision, thus making them the best option for producing complex components. The accuracy of the Swiss machine is attributed to the multi-axis system that allows multiple operations to be performed simultaneously. This eliminates inaccuracies resulting from different tools being used for each operation.
  • Increased Production Output. The multi-axis system allows you to increase the speed of complex operations, thus increasing your output.
  • Large Stock Capacity. Swiss machines have large capacities that allow them to accommodate longer workpieces. This aspect makes them perfect for high-volume production.
  • Reduced Needs for Secondary Processing. When using Swiss Machining, it is possible to get highly refined products. As such, you will eliminate the need for complex finishing processes. This results in increased efficiency throughout the manufacturing process.

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