CNC Drilling Services

Are you wondering what CNC drilling is all about? How does it work? CNC stands for Computer Numerical Control drilling; a technique used to cut or drill materials like metal, wood, plastic (thermoplastics), ceramics, stone, and composites. 

The technique uses CAM/CAD designs to manufacture prototypes and final products. These designs are fed into the computer system where the interpretation occurs. 

When drilling, the workpiece does not move, which leaves the cutter to align with the hole center. Additionally, the cutter rotates repeatedly to drill a hole of the specified diameter. 

You can undertake CNC drilling using machines such as CNC milling machines and lathes. The CNC drilling service will produce a precise, clean and smooth hole. 

In general, you can use CNC drilling to create both threads and counterbores in a workpiece. To do so, the cutting tool is programmed in code using G-code or M-code, depending on which machine you are using. 

The CNC drilling parts are fabricated from wood, metals, hard plastics, or other rigid materials. Some of the common drill presses include Radial, Upright, and Bench. Here are the four critical drilling steps:

  • CAD/CAM preparation. The operator will load CAD/CAM files on the computer, and the software will generate code for the different drilling operations. 
  • Operations preparation. The generated G / M codes will be converted into actual movement commands to guide the machine tools. This step calls for close coordination between machinist and CAM operator. 
  • Installation of Drill Bits. The operator will mount the drill bits on machine tool spindles. 
  • Executing CNC Drilling Operations. The machine will automatically execute each movement command in sequence to produce precise holes with complex geometries.

The Operator Control Console (OCC) is where you can monitor all progress of your drilling equipment. This is where you use the same G-Code or M-Code to command different machines to create a sequence of programmed movements. 

CNC Drilling Services for Precision Machine Parts in China

( Huili is a precision CNC machining and drilling service center in China. It offers drilling services for large and small parts with varied complexities.

We use radial, upright, and bench drilling machines to ensure that you get precise patterns of up to 7 cm diameter. We work with all materials, including alloys (steel, aluminum, and copper) and polymers. 

We also have a professional team of engineers to support our work and a quality control department to monitor the machines. As such, we can handle small, medium, and large volume orders within a short time.

Over state-of-the-art CNC drilling equipment and technology allow us to make parts of any type and size. Our machines work with both manual and automated operations, depending on the complexity of your order. 

All our machinery is calibrated to maximize accuracy during drilling, making it possible to offer superior CNC drilling services at affordable rates. We also deliver works within tight schedules regardless of how complex they are.

Why Work with Huili for all Your CNC Drilling Needs

  • The CNC Drilling Services from Huili provide the flexibility you need to produce a wide range of parts within a short schedule. In addition, our machines are calibrated and optimized for maximum accuracy.
  • Superior Quality. All our drill bits are made from high-grade materials that hold up better during multi-dimensional drilling operations. This is unlike some drilling materials that only drill well in one direction.
  • Industry-leading Technology and Equipment. We use the latest CNC Milling Machines and lathes to execute complicated drilling jobs with ease, speed, and accuracy. 
  • Quick Turnaround Time and Cost-efficiency. We optimize all our machines for maximum output within a short timeframe. This enables us to offer high-quality parts at a competitive cost.
  • Expertise and Experience. We have been in the business for more than three decades, which has helped us accumulate enough knowledge and experience to take on even complex jobs. Furthermore, we use our expertise to deliver quality work, regardless of whether you need simple or highly detailed machine parts.
  • Our CNC milling and drilling machines produce parts of the same quality and standard, which means you will get a similar outcome on each order.

Huili CNC Drilling Surface Finishes Services for Quality Parts

When specifying the CNC machining services you need, you can indicate that you need metal surface finishing services. offers a high-quality surface finishing service, including polishing, anodizing, and passivation. Here is a comprehensive guide.

  • This process involves applying paint with the desired color to the metal surface. It prevents oxidation and corrosion.
  • This process involves treating the surface of the metal with chemicals to reduce chemical reactivity and corrosion. It is ideal for steel and stainless steel materials and works by removing ferrous contaminants.
  • This refers to passing an electric current through a solution of metal ions to deposit the metal on the metal. It uses immersion plating, vapor deposition, and electrolytic plating methods.
  • This refers to using electric current to produce an oxide layer on the surface of the metals. Most commercial products employ it on aluminum alloys because of their excellent corrosion resistance properties.
  • Powder Coating. This refers to applying powder onto the metal’s surface after it has been heated. The process is done in an oven without any solvent, which makes it environmentally friendly. The resultant coating protects against abrasion and corrosion.
  • It is the process of removing material from an object’s surface to create a smooth and shiny appearance. Depending on how smooth you want your parts, polishing can be done with aluminum oxide, emery powder, or tin oxide.
  • Black Oxide. The process involves forming a black conversion coat on copper, zinc, stainless steel, powdered metals, ferrous materials, copper-based alloys, and silver soldiers.
  • Conversion Coating. The process involves using a rust preventative method that forms an oxide film on the metal surface. This helps in protecting it from corrosion and abrasion for a longer time.
  • Bead Blasting. This process involves the removal of surface deposits by applying finely grounded glass beads at extremely high pressure.
  • Sandblasting/ Abrasive Blasting. The process involves bombarding your part with a steam of high-velocity sand-sized particles under high pressure. It removes surface contaminants and minor surface flaws.

Additionally, offers linishing, grinding, and industrial etching. You can get in touch with us to get the best metal surface finishing or other quality machine parts.

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