Industries Served

UAV/Drone Machining Parts

The development of unmanned aerial vehicles has been very rapid in recent years. At present, drones are also widely used in various fields, such as aerial photography, agriculture, plant protection, express transportation, disaster relief, wildlife observation, surveying and mapping, news reports, etc. In order to achieve a stable flight state of the UAV, precise flight trajectory, high-precision parts are essential. Therefore, CNC machining plays an important role in the production of UAVs. Huili Precision has many cooperative customers in this field, manufactured parts such as camera pan-tilt, paddle holder, camera frame and other parts.

Robotics Machining Parts

The rapid development of industry in recent years, in order to achieve high efficiency and low cost, robots have also been developed accordingly. Nowadays, the application of intelligent robots has penetrated into all walks of life and has been widely used in the military, manufacturing, medical, service, and other aspects. Due to the highly demanding use environment of the robot, many parts of the robot require high-precision parts, such as body and arm parts.

Consumer Electronics Machined Parts

Consumer electronics has now become an indispensable part of human life. However, consumer electronic products such as mobile phones, watches, and computers have been updated in a short time. With a variety of powerful functions and attractive design to gain more consumers’ favor. CNC machining parts are more common in consumer electronic products, such as mobile phones, watches and computer frames, computer radiators, etc., whether it is mass production or prototype. The CNC machining prototype can easily test the performance and appearance of the latest design. Huili Precision prototype production time is as short as 5-7days.

Automation Equipment Machined Parts

Automated machinery is a necessity for the development of the manufacturing industry. Mechanical automation also has extremely high requirements on the various components of the machinery, so that the precise and correct automatic operation of the machinery can be realized. At present, much automated equipment need to use CNC machining parts, such as packaging machines, mask machines, PCB board machines, and other production lines. Huili Precision has also accumulated many customers in this field and is very familiar with the production process.

Automotive/Motorcycle Machining Parts

Huili Precision is a leading supplier to the automotive and motorcycle industry of world-class high-quality precision-machined components, fabrications, and assemblies that not only meet but exceed global requirements. Our highly professional and experienced employees, state-of-the-art equipment, competitive pricing, and quality products, and great services are the source of our competitive edge in the precision machining and assembly business.

Medical Devices Machining Parts

Huili Precision offers advanced manufacturing solutions to the medical device and life sciences industries worldwide. Our more than 10 years of machining experience manufacturing high-precision, complex-geometry machined parts, and assemblies give us a distinct advantage over other high-precision medical device manufacturers. Huili Precision focuses on improving product quality and reliability with a lower cost and high efficiency.

With years of industry experience, unmatched expertise and advanced capabilities in precision CNC machining and modular assembly & testing, we specialize in providing advanced solutions for medical devices.

High Quality CNC OEM Machining

Materials Titanium, Aluminum, Stainless steel &   Steel, Brass ,POM, PEEK, ABS, Nylon, PVC, Acrylic, etc.
Processing CNC turning, CNC milling, CNC turn-milled,Die Casting,Stamping,Sheet   Metal,Plastic Injection, Laser cutting
Surface Treatment Powder Coated, (Ordinary & Hard) Anodized, Electropolished &   Polished, Plating, Bead Blasted, Heat treatment, Passivate, Black oxidate,   Brushing, Laser engraving
Tolerance >=0.005mm
Lead Time 5-15 days for samples, 2-4 weeks for mass production
Drawing   Accepted DWG,DXF,PRT,STEP,STP,IGS,XT,SLDPRT,etc.