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Who We Are

Huili Precision è un'azienda ambiziosa e professionale registrata ISO, specializzata nella lavorazione CNC. Dal 2015 realizziamo oggetti per i clienti, concentrandoci sulla lavorazione, l'alta qualità, il buon servizio e l'efficienza dei tempi di consegna, Huili Precision ha conquistato la fiducia di molti clienti negli ultimi anni. Huili Precision possiede un team unito di consulenti tecnici, ingegneri, macchinisti e operai di talento ed esperienza, che si impegnano a risolvere i problemi relativi a costi, progettazione, produzione, qualità e assemblaggio e altri problemi.

What makes Huili Precision different from other machining company is that we focused on the quality control and lead time efficiency. We can provide ONE-STOP service for all kinds of machining parts, specializing in turning/milling/turning and milling technology, from designing, raw material purchasing, machining, surface treating, packing to delivery. Our machining parts covering a variety of industries, ranging from medical & technological, automotive, audio systems, construction, agricultural energy related etc…We have such kinds of machines: CNC lathe, CNC milling, drilling machine, internal grinder, cylindrical grinder machine, centerless grinder machine, punch and other equipment. Machining accuracy/tolerance: +/-0.1 ~ 0.005mm.

Huili Precision can provide OEM/ODM service to satisfy all kinds of requirements of customers. We have long terms cooperated customer on . We also hope that we can be your trustworthy and reliable partner and supporter!


Order Management System

The whole process of the order from order confirm to the production then to the packing and shipping, we strictly proceed as the order management to get rid of the future problems. And we always think that good communication and rigorous process will lead to a good results. And our production flowchart as followed:

Quality Control Inspection Tooling

Inspection is a very important process for these precision customized machining parts. During the inspection process, we usually inspect our parts by some standard inspection tools such as vernier caliper, micrometer, dial indicator, universal angle ruler, roughness tester, hardness tester, 2D projector, CMM and so on. Different tools have different functions and also work for different machining parts. Such as some for inspect the size and some for inspect the roughness of the surface and so on. And the parts inspection has responsible by the professional QC team. All the parts inspected before shipment.

Packing Way

The parts packing is also very important, good package will protect the machining from damages like scratches, out of shape and etc…We attached importance to every process of the parts. So we also have our own way to pack the parts. See the details followed:Some feedback from our customers

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